Sustainability and net zero

What is sustainability and why is it important to my business?

By definition a sustainable business creates and contributes to the triple bottom line: financial, social, and environmental impact. Or in other words the actions you take to put sustainability at the core of your business will make that business stronger. It doesn’t matter if you are a consultant working from home or the owner of a factory, there are steps you can take that will have an effect on the people around you - employees and community - the planet - which we all share - and your profit - think about your energy bills! Investing in a sustainable business can increase profit in the long run from greater energy savings, operational efficiency and an increase in sales.

Know Act Share

You make these changes by knowing what your impact is, acting on that impact to make improvements, and sharing your plans with your team, and supply chain, to influence others to do the same.

What is Net zero?

Net zero is where no more carbon enters the atmosphere than is removed. (So, we can release emissions, but they have to be absorbed by trees etc.)

Zero carbon is where we are no longer emitting carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

The targets that Southend-on-Sea City Council have committed to are for Net Zero by 2030 and zero carbon by 2050.

The UK government has different targets: Net Zero by 2050 and the fifth carbon budget refers to a 57% decrease in emissions compared to 1990 levels by 2030.