About Southend

Gigabit City

By 2022 Southend-on-Sea will be one of the UK’s first ‘Gigabit Cities’. Most of the infrastructure for the £30million city fibre project is already in place with many businesses already accessing gigabit speed internet services that are transforming their digital capabilities.

As businesses expand so do their networking requirements. For many, the only option is to keep upgrading existing managed services and accept the ever-rising costs. A gigabit fibre network can help large enterprises break that cycle and scale efficiently by providing for their future bandwidth needs.

Locate your business in Southend-on-Sea for unsurpassed internet connectivity at rates far cheaper than London!

Quick Facts:

  • Internet speed of 1,000mbps.
  • Truly resilient, high-bandwidth connectivity vital for co-location and enterprise datacentres.
  • Ideal for modern business service industries, enabling the utilisation of ultra-low latency technology whilst ensuring superior levels of security over dedicated, full fibre connectivity.
  • Unlocks rapid growth for technology businesses.
  • Enables the full potential of cloud-based computing with considerable cost-savings.
  • Access ‘SmartSouthend’, Southend’s digital data and analytics platform sharing council data, analysis and intelligence with residents and businesses.