Redundancy Support

Being made redundant can be a confusing and stressful time especially if you are unsure what to do next.  There is, however, a range of help and advice on what you need to do if you are made redundant. The information below will help you navigate the support available to you as you think about the next phase of your career. 

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and partners can offer support if you are facing redundancy or you are unemployed following redundancy.  We can help you find a new job, start a new business, retrain for a new career or identify new job opportunities in the local area.  Support is also available to help you manage some of the personal issues that might arise from redundancy such as rising debt, and managing stress and anxiety.

Some of this information will be specific to people living in the Southend area – if you live outside Southend your local council may be able to provide you with similar local information.  

Your working life after being made redundant 

There are several ways to reinvigorate your working life – retraining for a different career, identifying and using your transferable skills to get a new job, or starting your own business.  The section below highlights some options available to you to help you to fulfil your potential.

Starting a new business Re-Training Volunteering Finding a job

Your personal life after being made redundant 

Your working life is not the only thing that changes when facing redundancy, you may also have concerns in your home life, be worried about how you will pay the bills -  you might feel low, stressed and anxious – whatever your situation there is help and support available.

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