Essex County Council launches updated Climate Action Advice Pack for Essex businesses

Essex county council taking action on climate change advice pack. Photo shows a man with short dark hair with a beard and moustache wearing glasses looking into the sky. Trees are in the background of the photo.

Essex County Council has developed an advice pack specifically for Essex businesses to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

The advice packs have been developed following recommendations from the Essex Climate Action Commission' report ‘Net Zero: Making Essex Carbon Neutral’, as well as a range of Essex businesses and key professional bodies. The pack demonstrates how businesses can transform, mitigate and adapt to climate change.

These packs will also serve as a useful directory for business networks that can offer significant help towards a net-zero transition and local funding opportunities.

Reducing the carbon footprint of a business can often be daunting and complex, but these advice packs simplify the process and highlight ways in which a business can not only save but also potentially make money.

Download your free business advice pack via Essex County Council website

Published: 11th June 2024