Employee location index 2024 – 80 best towns and cities for UK workers

Picture lists the top 20 best towns and cities for employees and job seekers. Southend is ranked 8th place

Southend has just been ranked #8 best place in the UK (out of 80 towns and cities) for employees and job seekers, in new research:

Nick Brown, the council's head of economic inclusion, said

"This recognition highlights Southend's vibrant economic environment, strong community spirit, and efforts to make it a great place to work and live. It reflects the hard work of our local businesses, educational institutions, and the wider community.

“The council is committed to fostering economic growth and building prosperous communities. We aim to help businesses grow sustainably and provide high-quality jobs. Southend-on-Sea is a city with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. In 2022, over 1,100 new businesses were launched, mostly micro or small enterprises.

“Our city excels in diverse sectors such as retail, aviation, engineering, tourism, medical technologies, and the creative industries. We will continue supporting local business growth and promoting Southend's benefits: a good work-life balance, beautiful natural spaces, excellent leisure options, and a vibrant cultural scene.

“As a university city with top-performing schools, we offer many family-friendly educational and creative opportunities. We aim to capitalise on these strengths and promote Southend-on-Sea as a prime business location, promoting our coastal location and proximity to London.”


Published: 7th June 2024