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Industry Champions

About Industry Champions Project:

The aim of the Industry Champions project is to provide an intermediary service for schools and local Skills Projects and businesses to increase the amount of skills/careers development activity led or influenced by local employers.

The aim is to better prepare people of the world of work, inspire them to think about industries that they may not have considered before and to provide information about specific industries that operate in and around Southend.

Types of activities Industry Champions could be involved in

Industry Champions could work directly with young people, parents, schools, colleges and career seekers in Southend on a range of activities.  Industry Champions can specify the types of activities they would prefer to be informed about.

Examples of activities include:

  • Work place visits
  • Curriculum linked projects
  • Industry talks/assemblies
  • Careers Fairs
  • Mentoring
  • Mock Interviews
  • Speed Networking

Industry Champion Awards - Get Recognised for your Contribution

Get recognised for the activities you complete within schools or other skills projects in Southend.

If you complete an activity through Industry Champions or another local careers and skills providers in Southend, you will be rewarded with credits towards the bronze, silver and gold Industry Champion award.

Display your award with pride and let your customers, suppliers and competitors know about the great work you are doing to help people in the local community.

Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are given to those individuals who volunteer for 6 or more activities (some activities will count as more than 1 depending on time commitment). Businesses that have recently become and Gold Industry Champion Award include Holiday Inn Southend and Port of Tilbury.

If you are interested in becoming an Industry Champion, please contact Laura Bramley.