Southend-on-Sea is home to a wide variety of creative and cultural businesses.

Whether you are a writer, a blogger, an actor, a poet, a musician, a games maker, a photographer, a dancer, a film maker, a graphic designer, someone who works with trdditional and modern crafts or something else entirely, there is a wide variety of Creative and Cultural entrepreneurs. 

The Your Creative Network Group, is for all entrepreneurs in the Creative and Cultural industry. The networking group has been developed to give people in this industry the opportunity to engage with each other, share ideas, develop partnerships and find out what opportunities are available specifically for this sector. The network enables the exchange of information and offers support to anyone involved or interested in the Creative and Cultural industry. 

The Your Creative Network group has a monthly newsletter which includes details on funding opportunities and upcoming events. 

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There are a great deal of events and workshops which take place across the borough on a regular basis. 

The Your Creative Network group aim for event content to inspire participants, show how ideas can be applied and provide networking to support business 2 business. 

Each month there is a range of events which take place that are specifically for the Creative and Cultural industry. Discover the forthcoming creative and cultural activities. 

Your Creative Network Newsletter

Our FREE monthly newsletter provides you with details of funding opportunities and events/workshops along with the latest news for the Creative and Cultural sector. 

Links to this year's issues are listed below. (Note: you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat to view the newsletters)

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The easiest way to find out about our events is to sign-up to our Your Creative Network mailing list. We'll send details straight to your inbox.

Here you can find out about a number of funding programmes which are specifically for the Creative and Cultural sector. 

A number of organisations listed below have sources of funding especially for Creative and Cultural organisations: