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Careers Strategy: Making the most of everyone's skills and talents

National Careers Strategy

On the 4th December 2017 the Department for Education published its national careers strategy aiming to allow everyone to be able to build a rewarding career, potentially looking beyond their immediate environment to new and exciting possibilities.

The government wants:

  • all young people to understand the full range of opportunities available to them, to learn from employers about work and the skills that are valued in the workplace and to have first-hand experience of the workplace;
  • all young people in secondary school and college to get an excellent programme of advice and guidance that is delivered by individuals with the right skills and experience;
  • everyone to get support tailored to their circumstances. All adults should be able to access free face-to-face advice, with more bespoke support for those who most need it;
  • everyone to get the information they need to understand the job and career opportunities available, and how their knowledge and skills can help them in considering suitable careers.

The strategy explains the plan to bring together all the different elements of our careers system to deliver significant improvements for people of all ages. High-quality education, information, advice and guidance should help people to:

  • understand their options and different paths to work, to plan the steps they need to take, and to get from where they are to where they want to go;
  • be inspired about new opportunities they might not have known about (or that might not exist yet), or thought they could not achieve;
  • understand their own knowledge and skills and how they can be used in the workplace;
  • get, hold and progress in a job, whatever their age, ability or background;
  • increase the amount they earn across their working lives;
  • improve their well-being through doing a job they are good at and enjoy

To access the Careers Strategy click here.

Career guidance and access for education and training providers: Statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff

On the 8th January 2018, the Department for Education followed up their Careers Strategy with statutory guidance for schools. This highlighted further the importance of the Gatsby Benchmarks (see below), advising that schools should make use of the Compass Tool (see below), to develop and improve their current provision with immediate effect to meet each of the 8 benchmarks. The Careers Strategy and schools guidance aims for all school to meet all 8 benchmarks by December 2020.

The guidance also reiterates the need for a Careers Lead to be appointed in every school with direct backing from the senior leadership team to coordinate the careers provision in the school. This person should be named on the school website by September 2018. This is a distinct role from a careers advisor.

The Careers and Enterprise Company are central to the external support to schools. Having already allocated funding for new and proven careers projects, this will continue. The Enterprise Adviser Network, already established in Southend with a full time Enterprise Coordinator, will be extended so all schools will have access to an Enterprise Adviser (senior business volunteer) by January 2020.

This timeline is taken from the school statutory guidance.

Department for Education

Careers and Enterprise Company Implementation Plan

CEC Implementation Plan

The Careers & Enterprise Company Implementation Plan set out who the CEC plans to implement the elements of the government’s Careers
Strategy for which it is responsible.

It is split into 3 sections:

  1. Roll out everywhere - employer engagement
  2. Scale up - Gatsby Benchmark and Careers Leaders
  3. Test and share best practice
CEC Careers Leader guide

The government’s Careers Strategy and statutory guidance means that all secondary schools and colleges should have a named Careers Leader in place by September 2018.

Careers Leaders are responsible and accountable for the delivery of their school’s programme of careers advice and guidance.

The Careers and Enterprise Company's guide, details the role of a Careers Leader, with advice for secondary schools on how best to find someone for this role.

The Gatsby Benchmarks

Gatsby logo
Gatsby Benchmarks
The Gatsby Benchmarks have been widely accepted across government, schools and education organisations as an assessment tool that allows schools to compare their current careers and enterprise advice and guidance (CEIAG) with what is deemed to be a satisfactory level. The benchmarks have been adopted in the national Careers Strategy.

For the full report on the development of the benchmarks, visit: gatsby.org.uk/education/focus-areas/good-career-guidance.

The Gatsby Foundation have created their Good Careers Guidance website to help support the work in schools and college to develop their careers programme to meet the benchmarks.

A pamphlet for headteachers and leaders has been produced by the Gatsby Foundation: gatsby.org.uk/uploads/education/reports/pdf/pamphlet-for-headteachers-and-leaders.pdf

For full details of the benchmarks, including the specific elements for each and possible school actions for each one click here.

It is important to note that special schools, PRUs and colleges may not find all the benchmarks relatable to their context and therefore may need to adapt to their circumstances.

Compass Tool

Compass Tool
The Compass Tool allows your to self-assess your current careers programme against the 8 Gatsby Benchmark.  It provides an excellent report that can be used to plan improvements and action plans to better prepare young people for the world of work.

Find out more and access the Compass tool here: careersandenterprise.co.uk/schools-colleges/about-compass

Compass FAQ document for schools and colleges

The report the Compass Tool produces shows an easy summary of the elements of the benchmark achieved and where work is still needed. It also provides a document to help you see what good looks like for each benchmark.

Compass Tool
Click here for a guide on how to update your Compass Tool report having made updates to your careers programme. This can be done as often as you would like. The guide is step by step and the process is quick and easy.

Enterprise Adviser Network Resources

EA Handbook (May 2017) - contains a background to the CEC, EA network, careers research, LMI, EA expectations, education landscape

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Local and National Careers Providers (October 2017) - Searchable spreadsheet of local and national careers providers.  Can be filtered by Gatsby Benchmark, target audience, cost, activities.  If you have trouble accessing this document or filtering it, please contact Hyla Grimwade.

Provider Access Policy Statement (January 2018) - From the 2nd January 2018, all schools and academies must provide technical education and apprenticeship providers with access to year 8-13 pupils so that they are able to inform pupils about the different courses they have to offer.  Schools must publish a policy statement on their website.

School Performance Data

Local Marketing Information from the Essex Employment and Skills Board

Guide and case studies for Employer Engagement from CBI

What Works research series from the Careers and Enterprise Company

State of the Nation Report 2017 - summarative report from the Compass Tool on the extent England's schools have met each Gatsby benchmark

EA Network Roadmaps